Samantha Catherine (shatteredxfaith) wrote in youprettycunts,
Samantha Catherine


yes yes i know. you can hardly see my face. but i play bass and you can see nubmer 2's bass does that count?

*My name is Sam i'm 17! what what.
*I <3 Boys Night Out, The Distillers, Minor Threat, Anti-Flag (hence the picture of me and number 2) The Bronx, Blink 182,...the list goes on.
*I belong here because...well? its called you pretty cunts. and i'm a cunt. pretty? you judge i guess.

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coolios i play bass too.. been playing for 2 years.... quit my recent band.. stupid fucks didnt want me cause i was a girl...*grr* (whats funnie was i am better than their recent bassist.. WHO SUCKS!)