Brittany (were_gunna_die) wrote in youprettycunts,

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Ok I bleached my hair. I wanted to know if I should keep it bleached....

Or if I should die it pink with blue streaks in it. So when I put my hawk up there will be like blue spots in some parts...I can't decide and none of my friends can help me out. I had pink hair for a while then I went orange and now I don't know what to do...

anyone have any ideas?
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I think you should and if you dont like it bleach it out or something.
PINK!!!! but im not sure on the blue thing.. if it was me.. id choose green and pink
yeah I want yellow and pink a or green and pink but those 2 colors wash out and turn nasty....
true.. very true.. what about like a red and orange.. cause the colors kinda look alike... so if it washes out it wont look that bad...
the bleachedness looks good.